What do Progressive Conservatives Support?

What does the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party support? How do I know if the Party is the right one for me?


The Constitution of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party states:

2.1 The following are the aims and principles of the Party:

(a) We believe in freedom of speech, worship and assembly, in loyalty to
Canada and to the Monarch of Canada and in the rule of law.

(b) We believe that government should serve the people and that progress
requires a competitive economy, which, accepting its social
responsibilities, allows every individual freedom of opportunity and
initiative and the peaceful enjoyment of the fruits of his or her own labour.

(c) We believe in the ethical and accountable execution of the business of

(d) We believe that the interests of Ontario are best served by a strong,
united and democratic Canada.

(e) We believe that economic freedom, entrepreneurial spirit and the right to
private property are essential to economic prosperity and political

(f) We believe in the values of the family which encourage tolerance and
mutual support.

(g) We believe that social justice entails equality of opportunity, including fair
and equal treatment for all Ontarians and the provision of support to those
in need.

(h) We believe in and accept our responsibilities for the preservation of
Ontario's heritage and cultural diversity and the conservation and renewal
of our environment for present and future generations.

2.2 The Executive of the Party and its Recognized Associations shall, whenever
possible, attempt to improve public awareness of, and promote, the Principles of
the Party, as described in paragraph 2.1.


Important Party documents can be found here: